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PanelPilot SGD 21-B  Ultra-Low Power & E-paper Dot matrix Display

PanelPilot SGD 21-B Ultra-Low Power & E-paper Dot matrix Display

Product News Wednesday, May 30, 2018: Mimic Components CC

The new PanelPilot SGD 21-B from Mimic Components is a low-cost, ultra-low power, single channel voltmeter. It comes with a sleek monochrome e-paper dot matrix display.

Its best feature is the reflective e-paper technology which is sunlight readable. This beneficial feature alone, makes the PanelPilot SGD 21-B ideal for outdoor use where the screen is not only easy to read, but requires lower current and therefore draws lower power than a LCD screen, making it a longer lasting and time-saving for portable instruments.

With a measurement range from 0 to 1.25V d.c and viewing area of 48.3mm (1.9”) x 23.7mm (0.93”), this 2.1” e-paper dot matrix display with a pixel resolution of 250 x 122 easily delivers to expectations. The operating voltage is 4 to 9V d.c with 6 voltmeter configurations included for free. Two precautionary configuration alarms are available during the software set-up process, thereafter ensuring easy interface with machinery and equipment.

When using the simple PanelPilot B software platform, (which is available for Windows 7, 8 and 10), you can choose from a selection of six analogue and digital voltmeter apps with customisable labels, scaling and alarms for your own specific application. The software also includes colour inversion and is downloadable free of charge.  

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