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How to Use a Basic Low-Cost Temperature Data Logger - Advice for End Users

How to Use a Basic Low-Cost Temperature Data Logger - Advice for End Users

Product News Tuesday, October 2, 2018: Mimic Components CC

The end user of a data logger is not necessarily a technical person. With so many data loggers on the market, the burning question remains: ‘how do I use it’?

Mimic looks at the Cold Chain EL-PDF-1; one of the most cost effective and practical temperature data loggers currently on the market. The BEST feature is its easy download. Simply plug in into a PC port (the data logger is attached with a USB) and receive an automatically generated PDF version of the logged data.

Data Logger Range: EL-PDF-1

This data logger range consists of four different applications, they are: Chilled Goods, Frozen Goods, Ripening Goods and Ambient Pharmaceutical. Each application comes with its own pre-set temperature range.

This example

We have chosen to explain the Chilled Goods data logger which has its own pre-set threshold or minimum and maximum temperature range.


To monitor an environment’s temperature continuously, or for a specific period at regular intervals.


General Specifications

This lets you know what functions you can expect from the data logger.

Measurement Range: -30 to +60°C

The temperature range is pre-set between -30 to +60°C. It is not designed to pick up any temperatures outside (below or higher) than this.

Battery Life: 12 months (minimum)

The data logger’s battery typically last for up to one year. If you use it often, it may go flat before the one year is up. It should last longer if you only use it occasionally. Most modern instruments come with lithium batteries designed for longer use which are more expensive than ordinary batteries.

Download Data

No software is required for this data logger. Simply plug in (with attached USB) to a computer and receive an automatically generated PDF version of all the logged data.

Plastic Wallet or EL-CC-BAG IP Rating:  IP67

The word IP means Ingress Protection. It is an international scoring indication that describes how well the product is protected. The higher the IP number, the better the score. An IP67 is a high score which means that the product is well protected.

Low / High Alarm Level: 2°C / 8°C  

This data logger is set to measure temperature Chilled Goods between 2° degrees to 8° degrees (2°C to 8°C). Any temperature below or above this will automatically trigger the built-in alarm. For example, you collect fruit from an orchard and need to store it until sold. You switch on the data logger to see how hot the temperature is inside the storeroom.  Most likely the alarm will go off because the heat inside will be more than 8° degrees (8°C). The high storeroom heat will ripen the fruit quickly. Finding a cooler storage will make the fruit last longer.

Accuracy (overall error): ±0.5°C

The data logger’s pre-set temperature range and alarm is accurate within half a degree (±0.5°C).

Readings: 32,600 (during Transportation)

This is the data logger’s memory. It reads and stores temperature data up to 32,600 times. For exporting or long trips, switch it on and leave it on to continuously record temperature at set intervals up to a maximum of 32,600 times. This is very useful for long journeys. On arrival, the recipient simply downloads the data to check that the goods travelled in the correct temperature range. For short trips, you can use the data logger many times until the battery goes flat. Once the battery goes flat, download the data collected then throw it away as it is designed for short term use.

Resolution 0.1°C

This means that the data logger is pre-set to measure the rise or fall of temperature at increments of 0.1°C. For example, if the temperature is 25°C and keeps rising, then the next recognised and logged temperature reading will be 25.1°C, followed by 25.2°C. (This is not the same as Accuracy).


Re-usable means that you can use it more than once. Switch it on, use it, switch it off until you need to use it again.

Disposable; throw it away once the battery goes flat or if you have used up all the readings of 32,600 in one session or in total, whichever comes first.

Setup. No setup is required, just press the START button when you are ready to use it.

Start.  Just push the START button and the data logger starts logging the temperature.

LED lights. When the data logger is on, the LED lights come on in either Green or Red. Green indicates everything is fine and working. Flashing Red indicates that there is a problem, usually when the temperature is higher than the pre-set range for Chilled Goods.

Stop. Press and hold down the START/STOP button when you are finished. The lights and data logger will go off.

Alarm; there is a built-in alarm that goes off when the temperature is too high or too low or in the event of a problem.

Status; there are two LED lights, colours Green and Red which indicate the data logger’s status. A self-explanatory list is available on request.  

Can it do more?

No, only what the specification says it can do. The reason this is a low -cost data logger is because it is pre- programmed with limited functions for a limited time. These functions are important and effective.

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