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South Africa

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Mimic’s Aviation & Industrial Warning Lights

Mimic’s Aviation & Industrial Warning Lights

Product News Monday, October 29, 2018: Mimic Components CC


Aviation, Mining, Signal Towers and Heavy Duty Equipment and Machinery

Solar Powered Portable Kit with 6 or 8 Solar lights-case has chargable ports

Heavy Duty Warning light

Lighting Control Enclosure

Single or Dual Solar Obstruction lights with Solar panel


Quality LED lights for Aviation, Industrial and Commerical use:

Warning and Obstruction lights either single or dual in medium or high intensity

Mimic’s AeroLED Helipad elivated side lights

Stalk mounted LED Runway end lights

Blue Taxi LED lights and blue or white Taxiway Indication lights

Elevated Edge Lights

Solar beacons

Flashing, strobe lights

Encapsulated inset LED Lighting

Die-cast inset lighting



For more information call Mimic Components on 011-689-5700 or email