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Mimic’s Strain Gauge Load Cell Products

Mimic’s Strain Gauge Load Cell Products

Product News Monday, October 29, 2018: Mimic Components CC

Applications for Load Cells

Several types of measuring instruments like laboratory balances, industrial scales, platform scales, universal testing machines, tank weighing, industrial process control, low profile construction for integration into restricted areas, commercial and industrial weighing, Truck axel weight.


Novus N1500 Loadcell Range

Indicator N1500-LC

N1500LC RS485 Load Cell Indic. 2 relays + 4-20 mA, 96x48 mm

N1500-LC Load Cell Indicator, 2 relays + 4-20 mA, 96x48 mm

N1500-LC Load Cell Indicator w/ 4-20mA analog out + RS485 + 4 relays 96x48 mm

N1500-LC RS485 24V Load Cell Indic. 4 relays, 4-20mA 96x48 mm

N1500-LC 24V Load Cell Indicator with 4-20mA analog out with RS485 96x48 mm

N1500-LC RS485 Load Cell Indic. 4 relays + 4-20 mA, 96x48 mm


Modbus RTU as Master

A Modbus Master system transmitting to Big Digit Display Meter

Novus Fieldlogger as Master (instead of Modbus) if there is no existing Modbus Master system

Controller as Modbus Master to PC with software printer

Upload with Scada to DCS, Cloud, Novus RS485 or Ethernet

*(Mimic’s Modbus Master at design stage for release next year)

4&6 x 180mm Big Digit Modbus Display Meter

These can be used on all types of applications to display the weight numerically.


Panel Pilot Ace (as a graphic meter)

7-inch Panel Pilot Ace or larger (can interface with Modbus) and provide an excellent means of automating manufacturing processes in applications that require minimal or reduced human intervention. Display features include analogue, digital, PWM & serial data acquisition interfaces, RS232, RS485, CAN bus and Ethernet communications.


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