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NEW EasyLog EL-GFX-D2 Data Logger

NEW EasyLog EL-GFX-D2 Data Logger

Product News Monday, January 7, 2019: Mimic Components CC

The new dual channel EL-GFX-D2 data logger has up to two external temperature and humidity smart probes. Its rugged and robust construction makes it ideal for outdoor and high pressure environments while its dual channels allow you to measure two separate environments with the same device, at the same time. 

External probes make it possible for the logger not to be in the same logging environment. The EL-GFX-D2 is particularly suitable for any application where you need to separate the logger from its sensor - perhaps either for aesthetic reasons or logistical restrictions such as Museums, Exhibitions or for Outside Environmental Data.

 The on board menu buttons provide access to real-time trend analysis, data summaries and the ability to start, stop and restart the data logger without connecting to a PC.

The EL-GFX-D2 measures and stores over 250,000 temperature and relative humidity readings with two supported channels that allow for two external temperature & humidity probes (* only 1 x probe is supplied when purchasing the device). Logging rates are between 10 seconds and 1 hour.

 It has user-programmable, audible alarm thresholds with confidence/alarm LEDs. Its high contrast, dot-matrix LCD with three face-buttons for navigation gives real-time trend analysis, data summaries and the ability to start, stop and restart the data logger without connecting to a PC. The EasyLog USB software enables quick configuration and data download via the USB port. It can also be powered from USB. It is supplied with two lithium batteries, which can typically allow logging for up to 1 year.

Calibration certificates are available to purchase separately and are traceable to international standards depending on your location.

You can also upgrade by purchasing the higher accuracy EL-GFX-SP-2+.

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