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Volt Indicator Pilot Lights

Volt Indicator Pilot Lights

Product News Monday, April 1, 2019: Mimic Components CC

Hertz, Amp, Voltage.
All colours including white.
Fits a standard Ø22mm panel hole.

Ø22mm      Volt meter AC 15-500 Round            
Ø22mm       Volt meter AC 15-500 Square          
Ø22mm      0-100 Amp meter Round with CT 
Ø22mm      0-100 Amp meter Square with CT 
Ø22mm        Frequency 50hz meter Round       
Ø22mm        Frequency 50hz meter Square      
Ø22mm       Volt meter DC 0-50 Round           
Ø22mm       Volt meter DC 0-50 Square           
Ø22mm      Volt meter AC 300-600 Round         
Ø22mm      Volt meter AC 300-600 Square      
Ø22mm        Pilot light & Buzzer Round            

(Voted one of the best product range at Electra Mining 2018)



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